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About our goal(s)

The brainchild of director/producer Maurice Schutte and screenwriter Philip M. Howe (who met during a boozy night out during the Cannes Film Festival), the universe of Space Beers will hold many stories - the first of which is being told in the form of the – already released - animated prologue (Space Beers: The Prologue) to introduce Zendra and Talia, followed by a live-action short called Space Beers: The Beginning and the feature film; Space Beers.

The Space Beers universe is, well, as big as the universe! But what you probably didn’t know is that most of the aliens out there are just as messed up and bored as we are. Sure, some have all the latest gizmos, like faster-than-light travel, flying bubble drunk-tanks, and A.I powered alien abduction machines, but what they don’t have is Earth beer! Well, they didn’t, until a young Scot named Jed is abducted by two bored, sociopathic aliens girls on a bender, in Space Beers: The Beginning.

So, the story so far…

  • Animated prologue and live-action teaser, check!
    (Watch here:
  • Script, casting and pre-production for short live-action movie, check!
  • Script for a 100 minute live-action feature film, check!
  • Sound ambitious? Hey, there are diamond covered aliens out there that drink booze from the skulls of unicorns. We want in on that action! And you probably want that too!


    Space Beers: The Beginning
    Jed, a young Scot on a boozy night out at his remote local pub is forcibly abducted and teleported to a distant alien dive-bar by two bored sociopathic female aliens, who challenge him to defeat them in a drinking competition or suffer being eaten alive as an after-party man-snack. But on the upside, the beers are free.

    Space Beers: The Feature
    Led by Jed - an alien abductee and prolific beer drinker -, three Scottish friends forge an unlikely partnership with two unhinged alien girls with a taste for Earth beer, and set out on a wild space trip to save the world from an even more unhinged alien, who threatens to destroy the planet unless they hand over their in-hiding pub landlord by closing time.


    How are you going to distribute Space Beers: The Beginning?
    On completion, the short film will be available online, exclusively on the - yet untitled - DDP (Digital Distribution Platform) by SingularDTV. And to raise awareness of what’s to come, we’ll submit it to select film festivals.

    Why are you not making the feature first, from day one?
    The Space Beers feature is expensive to make. Perhaps not by major studio standards, but certainly by independent standards.

    The budget (for the feature) is expected to be around twelve million Euros/fourteen million Dollars. A lot of money will be needed, and we’re planning our moves very carefully. For example, sets and characters still need to be designed, but by making Space Beers: The Beginning, we’re simultaneously developing elements of the feature. Several characters and locations from the short film return in the feature film.

    Why are you not following the traditional route of film financing?
    Since completing the feature film script, we’ve had many industry meetings with various parties to discuss financing, and some are very enthusiastic to come onboard. But as mentioned, it’s an expensive movie to make, and we’re determined to see it realized without compromising or sacrificing the integrity of our vision. Besides being the first wacky space adventure, Space Beers: The Beginning will also serve as our fully fleshed out proof-of-concept.

    What’s the tone of Space Beers?
    Films like Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Thor: Ragnarok sit well next to Space Beers. Throw in a love of Edgar Wright’s work, and all things Rick & Morty, and you get the idea — it’s bonkers!

    How are you going to keep me/us up-to-date with what's going on?
    We launched a production diary at to keep everybody in the loop.

    How do the short and feature tie in together?
    The short and feature are standalone adventures, and though it’s not necessary to see the short to get the feature, the latter does reconnect back to the short with a few fun callbacks.